by The Happening

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Digital EP by The Happening!

All songs written by Em Brownlowe.

Em Brownlowe (vocals, guitar)
Allyn Gilbert-Mcnamara (bass)
Brookes Regenhardt (drums, vocals)
Recorded and Mixed by John Wagner at Supergiant Studios.

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July 11 @ Waypost. 8pm
Aug 4 @ Valentines 9pm
Aug 22 @ Turn Turn Turn w/ Whales Whailing 8pm

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released 14 January 2013



all rights reserved


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The Happening Portland, Oregon

The Happening is Em Brownlowe and friends playing "90s-vintage indie rock with flecks of folk, grunge, riot grrrl, and plenty of old-fashioned guitar crunch!" - Portland Mercury.

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Track Name: The Kitchen is Burning
Old sayings ring so true
I think you know what you have to do
A watched pot never boils
Do your best against the odds
Forget those who you were told to impress
I turned by back returned to flames
The kitchen is burning down
When it's loud my mind can take a detour to sound
I'm afraid that I'll change
Guess I'm happy where I'm at
The kitchen is burnin' down
Track Name: #1 Fun
You're my #1 fun
I'll never forget
All the things we do
Cause when I'm with you
I have fun
You're my #1
And I like you
Wanna spend all my days and nights with you
When I'm on my own
I reach for my phone
To my #1 fun I'd dia
Now it's on the airwaves that it's true
You're my surrogate
And I'll never forget
All the things we do
Cause when I'm with you
I have fun
I've been waiting so long
For a girl like you
For a boy like you
For a friend like you
For someone like you
Track Name: Space Cowboy
You took me by surprise
You looked like a comet in the sky
Until you hit me like an asteroid
Now I've got a hole in my heart
Gravity has made you leave a mark
I knew this would happen from the start
So I will leave you

Space cowboy left the room
Hope he comes back soon
So he can fly me to the moon
So I can reach you